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To create a reminder, send an email in any of the following time formats. If you like, you can even put our email address in the "Cc:" or "Bcc:" fields. Your reminders will be saved in our database and you will be reminded by a return email at the appropriate time.

  • One Time Reminders

    For one time reminders (eg: meeting postponed, next day bill payment etc.), send us an email in the following formats. Feel free to change the time in the email address as required.

    Interval Based:

    Specific Day:

    Specific Day & Time:

  • Recurring Reminders

    Recurring reminders are those, which you would like to be reminded every year, month, week or day. Examples of such reminders are birthdays, anniversaries and monthly meetings. Send us an email in the following formats (starting with "every") for your recurring reminders.





Please note that all the above email addresses are case insensitive. If you have any questions in your mind, reach our FAQ page.

To know the list of pending reminders in our database, send an email to

What's More?

  • Create a simple TODO list by sending an email to
  • Get your todo list by sending an email to

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